8th International Advance Care Planning (ACP-i) Conference

Mark Taubert

Categories: Invited Speakers

Professor Mark Taubert is a palliative medicine hospital consultant and clinical director at Velindre University NHS Trust. His teaching/research activities at Cardiff University include advance & future care planning, acute palliative care, technology & new media and DNACPR decision making.

He is the founder of TalkCPR.com and has a national lead role to improve public understanding on topics relevant to care in the last years of life and at the extreme ends of medicine. He has delivered a Ted Talk on subtleties in language that are relevant to modern healthcare delivery, and writes for international news outlets like the Washington Post, where his article was a top pick for 2019.

A few years ago he wrote a public letter to the singer David Bowie, which discussed the importance of good palliative care and advance care planning. It went viral online and in global newsrooms, and was read out by the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jarvis Cocker. His Twitter handle is @ProfMarkTaubert

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