8th International Advance Care Planning (ACP-i) Conference

HUR-Solutions-ACP-i 2023 Exhibitor

HUR Solutions

HUR Solutions is a Singapore based provider of strength and wellness products and services. We primarily supply smart strength training equipment from HUR, who for 30 years has specialised in combining technology with exercise in order to provide the most optimal solutions for senior exercise, rehabilitation, and strength and wellness. Serving over 150 senior care centres, clinics, hospitals, sport clubs and gyms in Singapore, HUR Solutions has become the preferred choice within the healthcare industry. Our equipment is suitable for all ages and abilities as we incorporate state of the art technology and software into our products and programmes, offering the most inclusive computerised pneumatic strength training equipment on the market. In addition to strength training HUR also provides isometric muscle testing and balance testing devices which helps to assess and train those at risk of falling.

The features in HUR products and the development of concepts are based on scientific work and are in accordance with recommendations from the world’s leading exercise as medicine authorities, providing Smart solutions for Active Ageing, Falls Prevention, Incontinence, Dementia Care and General Wellness exercise with the latest SmartTouch cloud-based system. HUR offers a complete research environment, which enables full control of the exercise interventions.

Learn more at www.hursolutions.com.